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Protestors Rally at Elbit’s US Headquarters in Solidarity with Gaza

Merrimack, New Hampshire – 20.11.2023

In a powerful display of solidarity with the people of Gaza, a group of determined protestors from Palestine Action US targeted Elbit’s US headquarters in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Elbit Systems
Elbit Systems

Elbit, recognized as the largest Zionist weapons company, found itself at the center of a demonstration denouncing its alleged role in producing displays for the Israel Defense Forces (IOF) jets and drones. According to activists, these displays are purportedly utilized to identify targets, including hospitals, schools, and mosques in Gaza.

The protest took a visually striking turn as the front of the building was completely covered with red paint, symbolizing the bloodshed associated with the weaponry manufactured within. Windows were reportedly smashed, and the main lobby doors were locked with a bicycle lock. Additionally, HVAC equipment was destroyed, effectively bringing the operations of the facility to a halt.


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Messages left by the protestors painted Elbit as “GENOCIDE PROFITEERS” and called for a “FREE GAZA,” highlighting the activists’ strong condemnation of the company’s involvement in what they perceive as contributing to the suffering in the region.

Free Gaza
Free Gaza

Despite the impactful nature of the demonstration, three activists were arrested without bail or a hearing, facing what they claim are exaggerated and false charges. The incident underscores the growing trend of direct action against companies perceived as profiting from war and colonization. Activists emphasize that individuals and entities associated with the perpetuation of conflict and oppression will not go unchallenged.

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The protest at Elbit’s headquarters is part of a broader movement against Zionism and war profiteering. It signals a resounding message that there will be no peace for those linked to the oppression of Palestine. In an effort to further raise awareness and encourage action, Palestine Action US has released a target map highlighting not only Elbit facilities but also the buildings of its subsidiaries and investors involved in perpetuating the cycle of violence in the region.


As tensions continue to escalate, the incident at Elbit’s headquarters reflects the urgency felt by activists to address the root causes of conflict and advocate for justice in the region. The ongoing struggle for the liberation of Palestine remains a focal point, with protestors determined to hold accountable those they perceive as complicit in the perpetuation of violence and occupation.

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