90-Year-Old Wins Bodybuilding Competitions

by Teknotuf

Despite facing societal pressure to improve his appearance, Jim Arrington, like many in the US, remains unimpressed with his physique.

However, this self-perception serves as his motivation to continue winning bodybuilding competitions at the remarkable age of 90.

In an interview published on Wednesday by Guinness World Records, the nonagenarian great-grandfather discussed how he has attained a level of physical fitness surpassing that of many people more than half his age.

He was first recognized as the world's oldest bodybuilder by Guinness World Records in 2015.

Living in the Los Angeles area, Arrington took the opportunity during the interview to express his "very low opinion"

of his physically sculpted shape, despite its remarkable chiseled appearance.

“I see all these fantastic physiques, and I knew the only way I could make it is if I outlast everybody,” Arrington told Guinness, which is renowned for its database of more than 40,000 world records.

“And that’s exactly what I did.”

After more than seven decades of bodybuilding, Arrington continues his routine, visiting the gym three times a week for two-hour weightlifting sessions.

He constantly encourages himself to "get the burn" because he firmly believes that "no pain, no gain" is the key to success.

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