Microsoft CEO 'at Ease' with OpenAI Non-Profit Post Altman's Exit

by Mayniaga

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella expressed his comfort with partner OpenAI's governance structure during a Bloomberg News event at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

This statement comes two months after OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman faced a temporary ousting by the startup's non-profit board, leading to a crisis and employee threats of mass resignation.

expects progress in refining governance in the coming months, indicating a thorough examination from various perspectives.

Despite the turmoil, Nadella is content with the current structure. Altman, discussing the board's restoration of his position,

Microsoft, a significant backer of OpenAI, has secured a non-voting observer position on OpenAI's board.

OpenAI's governance structure will undergo further scrutiny, with a new board expected to assess and potentially modify it.

Their agreement links Microsoft's profits from OpenAI to specific conditions, fostering scrutiny.

The Microsoft-OpenAI relationship has attracted attention from competition authorities in Europe, Britain, and reportedly the United States.

Microsoft's prior investments in computing power and their early bet on OpenAI are acknowledged as a "highly risky" departure from conventional wisdom.

Nadella emphasizes that Microsoft's non-ownership of OpenAI distinguishes their collaboration in a pro-competitive manner, considering partnerships as a means of encouraging competition.

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